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Sacramento Garage Doors | There [should be] an app for that!

You know what would be a fantastic idea for a phone app?  An open indication monitor for your garage door that sends an alert directly to your phone.  Think about it–  You leave home, you forget to close the garage door, you’re down the street, and then all of a sudden, you get a text message telling you that you left your garage door open.  Luckily, you’re just down the street and aren’t running late, that way you can turn around and ensure that your garage door closes, and you don’t leave your home vulnerable to the world.

Someone should get on that!

Sacramento Garage Doors | (800) 440 – 2535 | Thank you!

Here at Sacramento Garage Doors we wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of our wonderful customers. Thanksgiving is coming up this week and we really couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunities we have had working with the people here in Sacramento. We love every garage door repair we do because it is helping out our very own community.

We are so thankful that we will even be staying open on Thanksgiving to make sure that all of your garage door needs and emergencies are taken care of at any time. We are here for you! Stay safe and enjoy Thanksgiving!

Sacramento Garage Doors | (800) 440 – 2535 | “Spring Cleaning”

When it comes down to it, you need to do some “Spring Cleaning.”  Yes, of course you should actually clean your home in the spring, but we’re talking about your garage door springs.  Your springs can become very dusty, very grimy, and eventually, this can lead to poor operation of your garage door.

Granted, we do offer garage door maintenance, but we understand that a lot of people aren’t interested in regularly maintaining their garage doors, so that’s why we recommend that, at a bare minimum, you clean your garage door springs;  They are probably the most important part of your garage door, after all.

And naturally, do your annual spring cleaning.  You’ll be much happier!

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | How to lubricate my garage door springs

If you have started noticing a squeaking sound when you open and close your garage door chances are that you need to lubricate the springs and hinges on your garage door. This may sound intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you go to a hardware store they can show you the right kind of lubricant for your garage door. Then all you have to do is spray it on all the moving parts of the garage door and then make sure to wipe off any extra so that it doesn’t drip. It is pretty simple. If you would rather have this done by a professional you can always call Sacramento Garage Doors.

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Frequent garage door testing

Testing your garage door can help save you money and time. A lot of people don’t realize that that most garage door problems can be prevented by doing regular safety and maintenance checks. If you do the test regularly you will know the instant something isn’t working quite right and you can have a garage door company come out to repair it right away. If you go too long you may miss the problem and end up having to have the entire garage door replaced. Save yourself some hassle and do test at least once every six months.

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Benefits of same day service

If your garage door has been acting up then it is time for you to call in a garage door repair company. A lot of companies will have to schedule you a week or so out, making you wait to have a properly working garage door. Sacramento Garage Doors will never make you wait. We will have someone out to repair your garage door the same day you call. The biggest benefit of this is that you will have a working garage door in no time re-leaving the stress that comes along with a broken garage door. A broken garage door can be an invitation to people looking to break into your home, and Sacrament Garage Doors will make sure that doesn’t happen!

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Why won’t my garage door open?

It can be unbelievably frustrating and troublesome if your garage door won’t open when you press the button. But before you rush to call a garage door repairman there are a few things you can check yourself. The first to is to make sure that you change out the batteries on the opener you have in your car if that is the one with issues. The next thing you can do is check to make sure the power hasn’t gone out in your home or garage. If it is neither of those things then you should definitely call Sacramento Garage Doors so we can repair it for you asap.

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Why have windows on your garage door?

If you have been looking around your neighborhood and noticing that a lot of the garage doors you may wonder why. Windows on the garage door may seem unnecessary, but they actually add a lot of style to your homes exterior. On top of style they can also save you money by letting natural light into your garage, meaning you won’t have to turn the light inside the garage every time you go in or out. There are a lot of different styles and options available to you if you would like to add windows to your garage door. Any professional garage door company like Sacramento Garage Doors can go over your options with you.

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Which type of opener?

If you have just built your home or are looking to replace the garage door, you might be wondering what type of garage door opener would be best. If you have a typical garage door then you will want to install either a chain drive or a belt drive opener. These two openers are the same in operation but the big difference comes in the amount of sound that is produced while they are in use. The chain drive is very very noisy as it opens and closes, but is less expensive than the belt drive. The belt drive will cost you a bit more but it is so quiet you probably won’t even hear it if you are inside while it operates. Sacramento Garage Doors can install either of these openers for you.

Sacramento Garage Doors | (916) 604 – 9946 | Same day service for garage door repairs

If you need to have something fixed on your garage door it can be irritating to have to wait to make an appointment with a garage door company and then have to deal with the broken door till then. Sacramento Garage Doors wants to make your life easier, which is why we offer same day service for your garage door repairs. It doesn’t matter how big or small the repair is we will get a technician to you the same day you call and they will repair it right away. Don’t waste your time and energy dealing with a broken garage door; call us in to help!

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Sacramento is a beautiful area with many choices for everything, including garage door repair companies. We understand you have a choice, but Sacramento Garage Doors is unique with their 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Call now for an estimate!

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