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Are you in tune with your garage door?  Do you spend plenty of time talking to it?  Can you recognize when it’s upset?  Do you know what’s going wrong when your garage door starts making certain noises?  Can you “feel” when a spring is under too much pressure and is too frail?

If not, that’s okay–  Call the “Garage Door Whisperer.”  The Garage Door Whisperer can speak directly to our garage doors so that we may know what is going wrong, and how to fix it.

"This is part of the 'Dominant Agressive Behavior' of your garage door asserting it's role as leader of the pack."

“This is part of the ‘Dominant Agressive Behavior’ of your garage door asserting it’s role as leader of the pack.”

If I could start a reality TV show and make a lot of money, that would be the pitch.  Of course, a qualified garage door repair technician is a lot like our mystical Garage Door Whisperer, so when something goes wrong, you know who to call!

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